Welcome to Bethel Middle School!


Superior Ratings for Bethel Bands

Bethel Honors and Bethel Symphonic bands participated in the region 1 concert assessment this past weekend. Both bands earned 1st division (Superior) ratings for their concert and sight reading performances. Both bands also were awarded the state level sweepstakes awards.


Southwest Region's Choral Performance Assessment

The Bethel Ladies Choir, Bethel Hornet Choir, Bethel Men's Choir, and the Bethel Bellas Choir, over 125 seventh and eighth graders, represented Bethel at the recent Southwest Region's Choral Performance Assessment. Groups received Excellent Ratings in performance and Superior ratings in sight reading. 


Elements of Art

Students created an artwork, using the 7 Elements of Art:  line, shape, form, value, color, texture, and space.