Get your child school ready this summer! Arkansas law requires students entering kindergarten through 12th grade provide proof of all required immunizations, or proof of an application for a valid exemption from immunizations, in order to attend school.

Appointment times fill quickly as we approach August 14, the first day of school. Schedule time during summer break for these necessary immunizations.

Please review the list of required immunizations. If your student is in need of follow-up vaccinations or age appropriate immunizations, contact your primary care physician or the Saline County Health Department (501-303-5650) for an appointment.



4 doses- with 1 on/after 4th birthday



3 doses-with 1 on/after 4th birthday, 6 months between last two doses



2 doses- dose 1 on/after 1st birthday and dose 2 at least 28 days after dose 1


Hepatitis B

3 doses-allowance for 2 dose schedule with specified age and spacing- see law



2 doses- dose 1 on/after 1st birthday and dose 2 at least 28 days after dose 1


K and 1st Grade

Hepatitis A

1 dose on/after 1st birthday

Age 11 or older on/before September 1st


1 Dose-any student 11-21 years of age

7th Grade


1st Dose

Age 16 on/before September 1st


2nd Dose-at least 8 weeks after 1st dose                                                                                                                                                                                                              or                                                                                                                                    1st Dose-if missed 7th grade dose